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JUNE 2020

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Reports coming in of caravan rollover on SA's Stuart Hwy at Kootaberra, about 50km north of Port Augusta, No further details available.

New research by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia suggests around 80 percent of Australians are considering a caravan or camping holiday within the next two months.

Ingenia, which operates a chain of lifestyle and holiday parks, will issue about 8m new shares to successful applicants on June 10 at a price of $3.45 each.

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* Caravanner seriously hurt in NSW rollover ... 26,587 people reached.

* Caravan industry suffers $208m loss so far due to coronavirus crisis ... 9773 people reached.

* COVID-19 crisis thwarts caravan thieves ... 9418 people reached.

* MP's plan to use grey nomads to help outback communities ... 8644 people reached.

* Terrifying video of truck and caravan crash on Bruce Hwy ... 8424 people reached.

* Truckies happy at fall in caravan traffic during epidemic ... 6019 people reached.


People have
the right
to choose

HERE'S my comment on MP's suggestion for grey nomads' quarantine agreement (see story here).

I believe the days of fulltime permanent no-fixed address and with no house to return to after holidays are over.

There is a difference ... those who actually have a home to return to (mostly in another state) and those of us who live in their moveable home.

Please explain how motorhomes/caravanners are a threat in free camps or low cost camping areas.

They have been using them for years and no diseases of any sort collected.

We are self-contained and have limited money, so to pay caravan park fees all the time is difficult and virtually impossible for single travellers.

A lot of money is spent while travelling on fuel, food, clothing, tours and museums etc.

Majority of the time there is no socialising with others, and this is more so when you are single.

You are pampering to caravan parks who have been whinging for years over free or low-cost camping grounds.

People have a right to choose what is best for them under their circumstances.

Jan Allen.

Big Brother

THIS would be a bad thing as it is BIG BROTHER control.

How about testing these people and if free from the virus let then go and free camp between the destination.

Roger Lowry.

No worries

REGARDING last month's story on a nomads' quarantine agreement aiding Queensland's remote areas, as suggested by MP Lachlan Millar.

Would somebody ask Mr Millar if he is going to foot the bill for the two weeks isolation period in a caravan park when travelling over the border in Queensland.

Is he going to pay for all the other accommodation we will have if the free camping is banned?

One day, Mr Lachlan, you will be older and grey, but you won't have to worry will you.

Your retirement will be taken care of, and I'm bloody sure you won't be towing a caravan!

Fiona Horton.


Turtle Sands Holiday Park

New logo  Owners forced to 'jump through hoops'

Bundy's Turtle Sands holiday park takes development plans to court

THE owners of Turtle Sands Camping and Holiday Park at Bundaberg in Queensland have appealed to the Planning and Environment Court in a bid to get a development application approved. David and Jenny Baker have owned their park adjoining the redeveloped world famous Mon Repos turtle rookery for more than 20 years. But they said they are being forced to "jump through hoops" to have their own development plans submitted nearly a year ago approved. Their upgraded park would include caravan sites, glamping facilities, resort-style pool, playground, larger cabins and dormitory-style accommodation. Bundaberg Regional Council has referred their application to the state government because of alleged wetland protection problems. Have your say

'Compliancy rather than style and layout'

Caravan reviews fall under a cloud as value questioned

Colin Young Have your say

THE Caravan Council of Australia has questioned the value of new caravan reviews in the media.

"Much credibility would be gained if they included an assessment of compliance to the regulations," founder and general manager Colin Young (pictured) said.

He claims that many caravanners have little faith in reviews by journalists writing for caravan publications.

"The general opinion is that manufacturers and dealers, who advertise in the publications, never get a bad write-up of their 'vans ... or at the worst maybe just a brief mention of a couple of minor blemishes," Mr Young, a fully qualified engineer, said.

'Caravans should be selected from several being offered for sale'

"Caravanners place no credence in the selection of the caravan to be appraised, believing that it is not just a random selection but rather a hand-picked blueprinted 'van."

He believed that for genuine and honest assessments, test caravans should be selected from several being offered for sale.

"Surely the two most important items to be first confirmed are whether the caravan is legally compliant and safe," Mr Young said.

"The most common complaint by caravan owners is that the actual (empty caravan) tare mass is much more than stated.

"This means that the caravan cannot carry as much luggage as was anticipated and stated, and that it may in fact be too heavy to legally and safely tow."

Mr Young claims that often the actual empty ball-loading is appreciably different than stated ... either much higher or much lower.

And he added: "Instead of concentrating mainly on the assessment and personal preferences of the layout, style and finish of the caravan etc should not the critical initial stage of the evaluation be to determine if the caravan is completely compliant?" 

Kui Parks advert

Lakr TinarooDust off tents and hook up caravans

Dam good way to take up camping
again as COVID restrictions eased

QUEENSLANDERS will be able to dust off their tents or hook up the caravan or camper trailer as camping grounds beside state-owned dams re-open. Natural Resources Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said re-opening camping grounds beside dams was part of the Stage 2 COVID-19 roadmap to easing restrictions. "Queenslanders can now travel to and camp at a range of state-owned dams, lakes and weirs such as far north Queensland's Tinaroo Dam or Lake Moogerah in the south-east," Dr Lynham said. Read more button

Suburban water heater

'We have not forgotten about you'

Distributor of suspect gas water heaters
asks owners to continue being patient

CARAVANNERS who had potentially lethal gas water heaters fitted to their RVs will have to wait a little longer for a solution. Coast to Coast RV issued a nationwide recall of the popular heaters last November after fears they could produce deadly levels of carbon monoxide. And in a new message to owners, distributors Coast to Coast Caravan and Leisure has asked them to continue being patient. "We would like to reassure all customers and registered consumers that we have not forgotten about you and are still working to deliver you a result as soon as possible," it said. Models affected are SW6PA, SW6DA, SW6DEA, SW4DEA, SW4DECA and SW6DECA. Have your say

Open road'Get going to the outback'

Premier urges caravanners to hitch up and 'rediscover' Queensland

  Have your say

QUEENSLAND caravanners are no able to hit the road for unlimited travel including overnight stays throughout the entire state. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the easing of intrastate travel restrictions would "open Queensland for Queenslanders" and come well in time for the next school holidays. "From the Gold Coast to Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to Gympie to Maryborough to Bundaberg, from Longreach to Mt Isa, to Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns, Queenslanders will now be able to rediscover their state, travelling for as many nights as they like," she said, urging travellers to hitch up their campers or trailers. "Get going to the outback. Now is your opportunity and actually stay overnight." The Premier stressed the easing of restrictions did not apply to biosecurity or restricted zones for indigenous communities, which will remain in place subject to a review in consultation with community members. Meanwhile, NSW's camping grounds and caravan parks have reopened.

Simon Owen'Dramatic increase' in bookings

Aspen holiday parks to  reopen in
time for upcoming school holidays

INGENIA Communities Group will soon be reopening its holiday parks. In a message to shareholders, the ASX-listed company said announcements by the NSW and Queensland governments that parks would be able to reopen on June 1 and June 12 respectively were "positive" for its parks, which had been closed to holidaymakers because of the coronavirus crisis. "The group's holiday parks will now be open for the upcoming school holidays, with NSW parks also open for the June long weekend," Aspen said. "While the closure of the Queensland border is impacting on the group's Queensland parks, there has been a meaningful increase in forward booking and enquiries following these announcements." Chief executive Simon Owen said he was pleased to see restrictions being eased. "We had anticipated increased demand for affordable domestic travel and our team has been busy preparing our parks to reopen. We are seeing dramatic increase in website traffic, phone inquiries and online bookings in response to recent announcements." Have your say

Scam claim after man loses $18,000

Peak caravanning body warns buyers to beware of company

WOULD-BE caravan owners have been warned about a possible scam which has already cost one man $18,000. It comes after the buyer said he lost the money while attempting to buy a caravan online. The Caravan Industry Association of Australia said it had been made aware of a WA business called Seven Stars Caravans which is offering second-hand caravans and RVs for sale on the internet at temptingly low prices. "We believe that Seven Stars Caravans is a scam and we have reported this business to the ACCC," it said. Read more button

Toilet sign

Social distancing must be used

Parks' communal amenities blocks
given green light to reopen in Victoria

COMMUNAL toilets at Victoria's caravan parks will be allowed to open from today, says VicParks. But the Department of Health and Human Services has advised that floor markings must be used to promote the 1.5-metre social distancing requirements. It said all toilets must be in working condition with soap provided and increased cleaning. VicParks has also confirmed that the DHHS has approved the use of playgrounds and swimming pools up to a maximum of 20 people each at any one time. "These facilities must be managed closely, including ensuring 1.5-metre and 4m2 social distancing measures are enforced in, on and around the pool and playground, and the personal hygiene and surface cleaning requirements are being met," it added. "Showers and change rooms at the pool site, however, must remain closed with guests to shower before arriving on the pool deck." Have your say

Tawonga caravan parkFunding essential, say mayor

Council welcomes government's $2 million for Tawonga park upgrade

VICTORIA'S Alpine Shire Council has welcomed news that the State Government will fund a $2.1 million upgrade at Tawonga Caravan Park. Located on the banks of the Kiewa River at the foot of Mt Bogong 300km north east of Melbourne, the 125-site park closed last month. Mayor Peter Roper said the funding was essential to reopen the park and would provide a valuable boost to the local economy. "This is fantastic news," he said. Read more button

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Letter man

Mount Barker's camp closure
riles travellers

SO the local council has closed the Mount Barker free camp in WA (see story here)

I'll make sure we don't spend 1c next time we pass through.

We only free camp and then have money to spend in other businesses around town and eating out and attractions.

We *NEVER* stay in caravan parks, but are happy to pay $10 a night with toilets and town water. We don't need anything else.

Councils and others need to realise that many who are retired and self-supporting are not going to have the funds.

David A.

Missing out

WE have stayed in the Mount Barker CP for the last five years for two nights.

But we won't when we go through next week. We will now boycott Mount Barker and spend no money whatsoever there.

Previously, when we stayed in the CP, we went out to dinner and bought from the bakery and supermarket.

Now they will all miss out, including the CP.

Bye bye Mount Barker, won't be staying again. I loathe abuse of power and will not subscribe to it in any way.

Monica Dugay.

Drive through

I HAVE just marked it in my Camps Australia Wide book as one place to just drive through.

I travel all over Australia, sometimes for more than four months at a time ... the benefits of being retired and having a caravan.

Free campsites are essential for grey nomads to be able to afford to do that.

Leon Wallice.


NOT only will Ms Smith lose out but so will all the small shops in the town.

Very unfortunate decision by the council. Other towns in NSW and Qld have made the same choice and lost out big time on traveller revenue.

The business will just go to the next town with a free camp.

Liz Lonsdale.


Unfortunately, the "free" campers are more than likely living fortnight-to-fortnight on their Centrelink payments and cannot afford the average of $35 a night.

I am convinced if caravan park operators provided a decent discount to cardholding seniors/pensioners, uptake would increase from grey nomads.

Lets face it, us oldies don't drain the hot water tanks or leave the ablutions filthy like the ankle biters do.

Although we planned for retirement, full price park fees are a struggle.

Brian Lawrence.

Park benefits

WOULD it be too difficult for the council to set up an honesty box at the free camp for a short-term proposition and the money go to the caravan park?

If the dump point is in the park charge for its use or donate that back to the 'van park.

Someone has to have the will to welcome back the family man or grey nomad.

Or the alternative is to lock the place up and shoo 'em away. We all have choices. Which sounds the most interesting to the council?

Paul Klatt.