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August 2017


RVs at an ACC muster

RVs at an ACC muster

No time to be bored at this event

Over 50 members expected
at ACC three-branch muster

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AUSTRALIA'S biggest caravan club is planning a three-branch rally at Sarina in Queensland this month.

Over 50 members of the Australian Caravan Club's Sugar City Pioneers (Mackay), Tropical Tourers (Townsville) and Capricornia Tourers (Rockhampton) will attend the five-day event at the town's showground beginning August 10.

ACC national chairman Craig Humphrey and membership director Graham Christie will travel over 800km to attend.

"As well as being a fun event, this joint muster will also provide our members in the Rockhampton, Mackay and Townsville regions with an opportunity to sit down with two directors of our club and put forward their own views and ideas face to face," Mr Humphrey said.

"Our members are really looking forward to it. As with all ACC musters, our members will be able to share their travelling experiences and exchange technical tips over the daily Happy Hour."

The club is in the middle of a Target 500 Campaign aimed at increasing its membership.

Event organiser Paul Eyles of Sugar City Pioneers said a broad range of activities would be on offer so that members would have no time to be bored.

"There will be a horse event to watch in the show ring and the Sarina Information Centre Complex has an arts and crafts centre, museum and the multi-award winning Sarina Sugar Shed," he said.

"Representatives from the Mackay Regional Council will also attend and address members at 3pm on the Saturday."

He said members would also have the option of choosing from one of several day drives to places of interest, including whale spotting from the Lamberts Beach viewing platform.

Mr Humphrey said anyone interested in finding out more about the ACC was welcome to join in one of the club’s happy hours.


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