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'Let's not dawdle on this'

Call for parks to be provided with  chargers for new age of EVs

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TRAVELLERS have supported a call from the nation's peak caravan industry body for the Federal Government to help holiday parks provide electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has acknowledged the Federal Government's Future Fuel Fund, whose first funding round will see over 400 public fast charging stations for EVs rolled out nationwide.

But it wants to see caravan parks included in the funding.

Traveller Simon Lapwood said the new age of EVs was fast approaching and there would be a need for more chargers, including at RV parks.

"Let's not dawdle on this," he told Caravanning News. "Electric cars are becoming very popular. Now is the time to move into top gear and prepare for a flood of the new generation of vehicles."

And grey nomad Allan Lowne, who is on his second lap of Australia with his Nissan Navara hauling a New Age caravan, agreed.

"While we do not use too many parks because of the expense, I think it would be great for caravanners to be able to fuel up during their stay and before setting off on the day's travel," he said.

Their comments came after the Caravan Industry Association of Australia highlighted that more needed to be done outside urban Australia to help regional tourism operators connect with EV users.

"Drive tourism accounts for 75 percent of all tourism in regional areas, charging infrastructure and activating the accommodation sector to install charging points will be crucial to help a long-term regional tourism recovery," chairman Stuart Lamont said.

The association is calling for a matched grants scheme for caravan parks and other regional accommodation providers to invest in charging stations suitable to charge all types of electric vehicles.

It is estimated that a $3 million investment from the government would provide an additional 2000 chargers across 1000 caravan parks in regional Australia.

"Caravan parks around Australia are ideally placed, and sometimes the only accommodations in region, to provide EV charging points to travellers," Mr Lamont said.

"We know that EV owners base their road trip holidays on where they can charge their vehicle."

The lack of travel in the past two years has reduced caravan park revenue by $200 million, leaving many companies without capital to invest in upgrades to infrastructure.

Mr Lamont argues this is how the government can assist in a longer-term rebuild of regional tourism following a devastating 20-months, as well as help ease the transition to EVs for regional communities dependent on drive tourism.

"Regional tourism's biggest barrier is access, and with 2000 caravan parks around Australia, all with the space to add EV chargers, the government should utilise this."


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