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June 2017


Colin Young, Caravan Council of Australia Craig Humphrey, Australian Caravan Club

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"Substantial support" for members

Club and council sign
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AUSTRALIA's biggest caravan club has joined forces with the Caravan Council of Australia to help caravanners seeking advice.

The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) said the signing of a memorandum of understanding would provide "substantial support" for the club and its 4400 members in areas of RV construction, compliance and maintenance.

One of the nationwide not-for-profit RV club's objectives is to ensure members can be provided with general advice on the construction and maintenance of their RVs.

Meanwhile, the caravan council focuses primarily on RV compliance, safety, quality and manufacturing issues.

In a joint statement, ACC chairman Craig Humphrey and caravan council general manager Colin Young said they were pleased to join forces.

"This arrangement builds on the existing avenue for advice already available to our members for basic maintenance and technical tips," Mr Humphrey said.

Members are allowed to have more direct access to a
qualified engineer

"The memorandum of understanding allows our members seeking more in-depth advice on the construction and maintenance of their RVs to have direct access to a qualified engineer."

Mr Humphrey said it also allowed the club to use the caravan council's technical and other articles.

"Every now and then, we hear of an RV that has been manufactured with a major defect and that is not Australian Design Rules compliant," he said.

"Under the arrangement, our club may refer a member to the caravan council when their endeavours to resolve a dispute with an RV dealer or manufacturer have been exhausted."

Mr Young said that if the club considered a member might benefit from the provision of an engineering assessment of the affected RV, one would be provided.

"If the defect is assessed as a significant compliance, quality or build safety issue at the point of manufacture, the caravan council will refer the member to a solicitor for a 30-minute free consultation on the options available to them for remedy," he explained.

The scheme will run for 12 months when both parties will have the option to renew the arrangement for a further year.

Mr Humphrey and Mr Young said their organisations looked forward to a "rewarding and fulfilling" year ahead working together for the benefit of all RVers, not just members of the Australian Caravan Club.


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