February 2018


ACC chairman Craig Humphrey

Mr Humphrey: safety initiative

Club focuses on safety and courtesy

ACC leader addresses negative attitudes towards caravanners

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EDUCATING RVers on safer driving and road courtesy will be a major focus of the Australian Caravan Club throughout 2018.

Chairman Craig Humphrey said he was aware of negative comments made against caravanners on Channel 9's A Current Affair and against RVers in other recent news media.

"Clearly the negative and often unfairly biased image against RVers being portrayed out in the news media needs addressing," he said.

The safety initiative will form part of the club's Focus 2018 policy which aims to improve the RV lifestyle.

"Promoting the use of recreational vehicles and the RV lifestyle throughout Australia are our club’s main objectives," Mr Humphrey said.

"With an aim of achieving this, Focus 2018 will be looking at four key areas.

"The first area is encouraging safer driving and road courtesy. Our policy team is already heavily engaged in developing a 'sharing the road’ code of conduct with a major trucking industry peak body."

Mr Humphrey said that with many of the Focus 2018 initiatives, the club would work in conjunction with the Caravan Council of Australia (CCA) under a co-operative arrangement entered into last year.

"The CCA will be doing an RV safety presentation to our club members at our Chairman's Muster at Elmore, Victoria, in March.

"Our team is also finalising education tools in conjunction with the CCA for use by RVers when selecting tow vehicles and caravans.

"These tools are designed to be used as a guide towards having a combination that is 100 percent legally compliant regarding masses and ratings."

The club's other key areas of focus for 2018 included the effectiveness of RV warranties, reviewing the draft Road Vehicle Standards Act and lobbying for more rest areas to address fatigue management, Mr Humphrey added.


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