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October 2017


Chance to provide 'strategic direction' for CIAA

Peak caravanning body seeks board members

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AUSTRALIA'S peak caravanning body is inviting applications from people interested in joining its board.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia said nominations were now open for individuals wanting to provide "strategic direction" for the industry through its nine-member board.

A rotation requirement means about 50 percent of members are subject to re-election on an annual basis.

This year the five individuals required to step down are:

James Kelly (Parks)
Donna Cocking (Parks)
Rudy Pieck (Parks)
Dennis Austin (Trade)
Chris Goddard (Trade)

All are eligible to re-nominate if they choose to.

The national board comprises up to nine individuals from across the industry, with no more than five involved in the same caravan industry category (Parks or Trades).

The term of office for each elected director is two years.

All nominations must be in writing and seconded by an association member.

They must must also include a resume and be submitted to the association no later than 5pm AEST on October 10.

Members not subject to re-election this year are:

Mark Lindsay (Parks)
Grant Wilckens (Parks)
Gerry Ryan OAM (Trade)
Gabby Montagnese (Trade).


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