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July 2017


AL-KO now ok for caravan disc brakes

AL-KO helps prevent jackknifing

'Smooth and faster response time'

Caravan disc brakes are
now ok for ESC systems

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CARAVANS fitted with AL-KO hydraulic disc brakes can now also benefit from its revolutionary electronic stability control system.

Released five years ago for caravans with electric brakes, the AL-KO's ESC system quickly revolutionised towing safety in Australia by automatically applying the brakes to help maintain control in the event of dangerous towing instability.

While electric brakes are still fitted to the majority of caravans in the market, the growing popularity of caravans with hydraulic disc brakes led to calls for AL-KO to develop an ESC equivalent to suit this sector.

The company's engineers have now achieved a breakthrough by creating a specific model of the ESC which can be combined with the AL-KO iQ7 Air electric/hydraulic brake actuator.

AL-KO technical and manufacturing manager Rob Funder said the ESC unit could now deliver the brake control signal to the AL-KO iQ7 actuator.

"It converts this to a corresponding hydraulic pressure to activate the brakes," he explained.

"This solution is similar to the operation of power-assisted disc brakes found in modern passenger vehicles and offers smooth braking and a fast response time."

Caravan manufacturers can fit it to new caravans with AL-KO hydraulic disc brakes and AL-KO IQ7 with an ATM of 1250-2000kg for single axle and 2000-4000kg for tandem axles.

As a member of the DexKo Global group of companies, AL-KO manufactures, markets and distributes a comprehensive range of products for the trailer, caravan and motorhome markets in Australia and New Zealand.

The company is best known for its high quality running gear range, including axles, brakes and suspension products.

AL-KO also offers its customers a wide range of accessories, as well as chassis and undercarriage components.


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