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APRIL 2021


Plan to reduce size of campervans allowed to park

Council moves to ban illegal campers after claims of nudity and fornication

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NSW's Ballina Shire Council's Local Traffic Committee will today (April 14) discuss ways of putting an end to illegal camping at Pat Morton Lookout on Lennox Head's Coastal Road.

One method would be reducing the size of vehicles allowed to park to 6m and in a 90-degree front-of-vehicle-to-kerb position.

"Pat Morton Lookout is our most popular area for illegal camping within the Ballina shire," a report to be presented to councillors says.

"The majority of campervans park in backwards facing the ocean, opening the tailgate to see the ocean and creating a hazard on the walking track."

It is alleged that overnighters leave items such as tables, gas bottles and surf boards at the rear of their vehicles, thus creating more hazards on the track.

The report claims there has been an increase in complaints of illegal campers "asleep, fornicating and lying naked in their vehicles".

"Front-in parking will dramatically decrease the amount of people laying in the back of the vans throughout the day with the Northern ocean aspect," it added.


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