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October 2018


Ashton ... 'chipping in'

Big-hearted Ashton: 'chipping in'

Schoolboy 'chips in' to help the homeless

Ashton's charity may soon be on
a roll thanks to caravanning body

By Dennis Amor
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QUEENSLAND'S peak caravanning body is helping a young boy achieve his dream.

Caravanning Queensland has promised to do all it can to help Brisbane's 11-year-old Ashton Brown who is on a mission to help the homeless.

The Year 6 student has been operating his own charity Homeless Helpers for the past two years providing meals, blankets and other necessities to the less fortunate but now believes a caravan would be a great asset to his work.

Garage sales and car washes have already helped the motivated youngster raise more than $10,000 towards a caravan.

He explained that it would be used to deliver food hampers, first-aid kits and provide health care around south-east Queensland.

His mother Jacqui said the main goal was to have a large caravan with a barber's chair, hair washes and other necessities, plus a doctor occasionally.

'We've undertaken to make sure his aim becomes a reality'

Caravanning Queensland told Caravanning News it would be only too pleased to help the big-hearted youngster.

"We’ve undertaken to make sure his aim to have a caravan to support his work becomes a reality," chief executive Ron Chapman said after meeting Ashton and his mum.

"We can now develop exactly how this will be achieved. We’re not going to let them get a product that's not suitable or safe.

"We'll also be looking after suitable equipment for the vehicle which will be towed by one of their volunteers."

Ashton tells how he learned about the unfortunate sector of the community from YouTube where he saw videos about people helping the homeless.

"I decided I really wanted to chip in," he explained.

His work has been recognised by the Sunshine State's government which recently awarded him a prestigious parliamentary certificate.

MP Milton Dick described Ashton as an "outstanding role model" for not only young people but everyone.

Ashton has also received a Global Sharing Leadership Award for Compassion which came with a US$10,000 cash prize.

But modest Ashtonwho spends hours in his home kitchen cooking meals to hand out to the needy brushes off the praise, saying he was only too pleased to help those in need.


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