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June 2019


Happy caravanners at Ballina Beach Village

Happy caravanners at Ballina Beach Village

Why should they all pay the same rate?

Caravanners urged to name
their own price at NSW park

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CARAVANNERS arriving at a holiday park in New South Wales are being asked to name their own price.

Ballina Beach Village is offering them the option to choose not just their site or what facilities they use, but also how much they want to pay.

"Caravanners are a discerning market," general manager Margaret Shannon said.

"The variety of caravans, setups, lifestyles and travelling groups is now being taken into account."

It is the second winter in a row that the pet-friendly beachside park has operated the Caravanners Choice promotion.

Guests are told the standard price of sites but are allowed to decide how much they want to hand over.

Located on the southern side of the Richmond River, the park has been under new ownership for the past 18 months, and under Ms Shannon's guidance since February last year.

She initiated the trend at a previous park in 2017, believing the offer helped to address an imbalance in the industry.

"In recent times there has been much discussion about caravan parks and their pricing strategies," she explained.

"We have listened to our park guests and understand that every caravanner is different, so why should they all pay the same rate?

"A customer travelling solo who is mostly self-contained and staying for a week does not use the same resources as a couple who use all the facilities and stay for just a couple of nights, so it seems logical that the rate structure should reflect that.

"We believe most people will pay a fair price, as caravan parks are ultimately still a business and many of the rates set over the winter season reflect the need to keep a viable business running."

The promotion is valid for all bookings at the park until the end of August, with no restriction on the number of nights or sites taken.

Only bookings made directly with the property are eligible.


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