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First Sun Holiday Park

'Proud of our partnership approach'

BelgraviaPRO adds two
more parks to its stable

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TOURISM and holiday parks management company BelgraviaPRO has been awarded the tender to manage the First Sun Holiday Park and Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park in NSW's Byron Shire.

The subsidiary of Belgravia Health and Leisure Group specialises in operating tourism properties from campgrounds to large-scale tourist parks.

It manages 25 tourist parks and over 200 aquatic, fitness, golf and wellness facilities on behalf of over 70 local and state governments and private businesses.

With a broad range of tourism and accommodation sites under its portfolio, including the world-famous Hepburn Retreat in Victoria and the challenging remote Birdsville Caravan Park in Queensland, BelgraviaPRO has repeatedly produced quality results from the sites that come under its extensive management dossier.

"We are proud of our partnership approach towards management of our tourism and holiday assets," general manager of business development Damian Gorman said.

"We have taken the time to develop an in-depth understanding of the local area and we are thrilled to be given the opportunity to improve the guest experience at both First Sun and Suffolk Beachfront holiday parks."

With an excellent track record in a variety of different environments ranging from high end resorts to remote outback locations, BelgraviaPRO is proud of its partnership approach towards management of its tourism and holiday assets.

By actively working with the local community to complement and support the local tourism industry, it is confident that the two new parks would strike an important balance between a focus on the tourist market and the local community.

"We also believe that in partnership with council, greater community outcomes can be achieved, in particular providing greater alignment with other tourist destinations and operators in Byron," Mr Gorman added.


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