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MAY 2022


''Do  your homework: Consumer Affairs Commissioner'

Beware, caravan scammers active

Caravan scams  Have your say

MORE and more would-be caravanners are being caught up in on-line caravan and RV sales scams.

They are being robbed of tens of thousands of dollars as the unscrupulous crooks make off with their hard-earned cash.

Northern Territory Consumer Affairs Commissioner Sandra Otto has warned them to do their homework and be very aware that scammers are out there trying to get their money.

Fraudsters advertise bargain-priced caravans online, then making excuses to convince buyers not to view the RV in person, encouraging them to make their purchase 'sight unseen'.

They are then persuaded to deposit money into a bank account, with promises they will be able to collect the caravan or that it will be delivered to them.

After the buyer makes the deposit, the scammer disappears into thin air ... and the product is never received.

Caravanning News answered one advertisement, posing as an interested buyer.

Editor Dennis Amor was told that the Jayco caravan could be delivered anywhere in Australia "for a very good shipping rate".

"For all the vehicles delivered we offer a seven days inspection period from the moment you get it at your home and if for any reason you don't want to keep the vehicle you will be fully refunded," representative "Samuel" promised.

He claimed  that delivery would  be made through a shipping company that has an escrow service so this meant they would hold your payment until the inspection period ended and you had approved the vehicle.

"If you want to get a shipping cost and more information about how this process works please let me know your location."


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