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March 2019


Binnaway campground

Local traders suffer 30pc drop in business

Mayor dumps blame on thoughtless caravanners

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THOUGHTLESS caravanners are being blamed for the temporary closure of a popular camping ground in New South Wales.

The local council is being forced to carry out urgent repairs and upgrades after travellers emptied their toilet cassettes into the toilets at the facility in the small town of Binnaway on the Castlereagh River in the State's central western.

And the closure has had a dramatic effect on the local economy, with businesses reporting a 30 percent loss in income, Warrumbungle Shire Council said.

The campground is popular with tourists throughout the year with all sites regularly full on any given night.

"Cassette waste is up to 30 times more concentrated than standard effluent and therefore the bacteria which naturally consume the waste were unable to keep up with the nutrient load," Mayor Denis Todd explained.

"This was particularly concerning owing to the nature of the site, given that it is in close proximity to not only a major river, but also the town water supply."

'Caravan owners were pouring cassette
waste into the toilets'

Work will soon begin on installing and upgrading the onsite sewage management system.

"Back in September there was a failure with the current system which resulted in effluent coming up through the floor drains and shower stalls," Cr Todd said.

“We believe that the reason for the blockage, other than the age of the site, was the fact that caravan owners were pouring cassette waste into the toilets."

Cr Todd said the council had been working closely with the Binnaway Progress Association in planning and investigating works which need to be completed to install the onsite sewage management system.

"This has been a complicated process as council was concerned about the placement of a dump point so close to a river system and the impact that a potential failure would have on the health of the river and community," he said.

"After obtaining a report from a geotechnical engineer, a design has been finalised which incorporates a modern system, treating effluent to a higher quality than a standard septic tank, with an additional dump point tank which will be pumped out.

"The original tank will be left in-situ as an additional buffer for caravan cassette waste. This will also decrease installation and pump out costs."

Cr Todd said quotes for installing a suitable replacement system and an on-site dump point for the campground were being sought.

These were expected to be received in the coming weeks, allowing the council to appoint the successful contractor to carry out the necessary works.

"Given the importance of the campground to the community of Binnaway we are hoping to get this work completed as soon as possible," Cr Todd said.


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