JUNE 2020


Ideal time to check caravan or trailer tent security

Cops issue blueprint for keeping safe and warding off crooks during school holidays


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QUEENSLAND police have issued a blueprint to help caravanners keep safe and for warding off crooks during the upcoming school holidays.

They say now is the ideal time to check on how good your caravan or trailer tent security is.

"Imagine having a well deserved holiday interrupted by a theft that could be preventable," Mackay's Sergeant Nigel Dalton said.

"As with home security and any other vehicle security, some basic crime prevention tips are available to keep your caravan holiday incident free."

As COVID-19 restrictions eased, many would be looking at holiday ideas.

"Some will be dusting off the caravan or camper trailer and getting ready to hit the road," he said.

"With the school holiday just around the corner, what a great way to have a family holiday. "I think we can all remember those awesome caravan and camping holidays when we were younger."

Sgt Dalton suggested the following ideas to help make it a memorable holiday for all the right reasons:

This is an ideal time to check on how good you caravan or trailer tent security is, imagine having a well deserved holiday interrupted by a theft that could be preventable.

As with home security and any other vehicle security, some basic crime prevention tips are available to keep your caravan holiday incident free:

  * Choose a well-lit part of the 'van park. A thief doesn’t like being lit up!
  * Remove temptation – never leave valuables visible – consider a security box or safe.
  * Close the curtains so that interior of the caravan is not as visible.
  * Install a light which switches on automatically – consider installing sensor lights on the exterior of your caravan or trailer.
  * Lock windows and doors and don't leave a spare key outside, under the mat or in the BBQ. A thief will look there too.
  * Mark or engrave all your property with the Queensland Police Service ID code to reduce the value to thieves.
  * Photograph property that can't be engraved (jewellery etc).
  * Record details of serial numbers.
  * Remember your possessions are as attractive while on holiday as they are when you are at home or at work.

Some other tips for safe towing:

  * Before every journey, check all lights on your vehicle and the van/caravan you are towing
  * Check your trailer or caravan is registered before you take it on the road.
  * A driver should always drive to the conditions, if you choose to drive at a reduced speed lower than that allowed on that section of road while towing you must be aware of other vehicles, on that section of road that may be capable of driving faster, but still maintaining safety. Therefore, if you see multiple vehicles following your vehicle you must allow these vehicles to pass, so pull over, when safe to do so and allow them to continue at a higher speed. If you don’t a investigation could show that you are travelling     "without due care and attention".
  * The driver of any vehicle must have good clear vision in all directions, so if the trailer/van you are towing restricts the view behind while using the wing mirrors because of the width of the caravan or trailer, extension mirrors should be fitted. Remember, these extension mirrors need to be removed when not towing as it makes the vehicle defective due to its overall width.
  * Check tyres regularly. If you are unsure of the correct pressure seek expert advice.
  * The way a caravan or trailer is loaded is very important along with ball height compared to the trailer coupling height. When towing a caravan please seek expert advice before setting off.

Sgt Dalton said police would be "very visible" on the roads, especially during the school holiday.

"They are there so we can all get to our destinations safely," he explained.

It is anticipated that there will be more traffic on the road so please take care on the road towing or not.


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