Ensuring campers 'do the right thing'

Townsville introduces new booking system for free RV and camping sites

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QUEENSLAND'S Townsville City Council has launched a brand new booking system for its free recreational vehicle and camping sites.

The new system allows residents and travellers to book a spot at any of councilís free camping locations in the northern beaches area.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said the booking system would ensure campers were doing the right thing and being respectful to fellow campers.

"The free camping locations in our northern beaches are very popular and a booking system will ensure that campers are moving on when they should be, giving others a chance to stay there," she said.

"It also provides us with another way to easily manage COVID-19 contact tracing and compliance of campground rules, especially as we move towards the summer holidays where we may see an increase of travellers.

"Eventually, this booking system will expand to include all of council's bookable venues and spaces."

Local councillor Margie Ryder said transitioning the free camping grounds to a booking system was a key recommendation of the recently finalised RV and Camping Strategy.

"The strategy outlined that a booking system was needed to more efficiently manage the free camping sites in our northern suburbs," she said.

"It's great that this system is live now and can be used by our grey nomads and travellers looking to explore North Queensland and Townsville.

"We know that there are some travellers that aren't able to book online, and this was a concern raised during the consultation on the strategy, so council will also be accepting phone bookings for these sites through the Customer Service Centre."

The booking system is accepting reservations for the free campgrounds in Balgal Beach, Bluewater, Rollingstone, Saunders Beach (pictured) and Toomulla.

It is expected that Paluma Dam will be bookable on the system next month, in time for the summer holidays.


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