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June 2019


Broken Hill's new parking area for RVs

Broken Hill's new parking area

CBD businesses set to benefit

New parking area for
RVs at Broken Hill

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WORK on a new area which will include parking facilities for caravans and motorhomes in NSW's heritage city of Broken Hill is almost complete.

The $300,000 Kintore Reserve project will also include a dump point for RVs and will boost parking in the CBD district and better cater for tourists.

Located opposite the Broken Hill Tourist Information Centre, it will accommodate seven large recreational and 32 regular vehicles.

Council chief operations officer Anthony Misagh said the area would make the city more RV friendly and also help boost tourism in the CBD.

Mr Misagh said recent research showed that the habits of caravan and motorhome travellers were changing, with ‘baby boomers’ now making up the majority of the market.

“We recently had a great discussion with New Young Consulting who are experts on this demographic, and their findings have been really interesting,” he said.

“The older ‘silent generation’ of caravan travellers, who would pass through towns keep to themselves and generally be self-sufficient, have been largely replaced by the baby boomers who are more outgoing, love to walk, explore and spend more money.

“This carpark is less than five minutes' walk from the CBD so ideally we’ll see travellers taking advantage of it and wandering into the CBD to visit businesses in that area.

“We’ve said many times that we’re committed to revitalising the CBD, and hopefully this helps us move closer to that goal."


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