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July 2019


Buy or rent

'Industry image being tarnished'

Renting could take stress out of caravanning

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TO buy or to rent ... that's the question being posed by the Caravan Council of Australia.

Founder and general manager Colin Young believes the renting option could be more beneficial in terms of saving money.

It also took the "stressful worry and annoyance" out of ensuring that a bought caravan is fully-compliant, safe and of very high quality.

Mr Young points out that it allows renters to relax and forget about caravan insurance, registration and servicing obligations.

"There are two significant factors to persuade non-caravanners to get into the lifestyle and experience the enjoyment of travelling around our great country," he said.

"People who simply cannot afford to buy a 'van may well be enticed to go for the significantly lower-cost renting option.

"And those who do choose the renting path and enjoy their short travels may well be encouraged to go for longer vacations and decide to buy a caravan."

'Remorseful buyers
of caravans with numerous defects'

The Caravan Council of Australia had received many calls during the last several years from remorseful buyers of caravans with numerous defects, including extremely-dangerous safety issues and major non-compliances.

"In far too many cases, these highly-aggrieved owners have had significant, traumatic and costly hassles in trying to get the supplier to rectify them as legally required by the Australian Consumer Law," Mr Young said.

"Many unresolved hassles unfortunately lead to litigation."

He said unhappy owners often complained of being sold something they did not really want, admitting they were too naive and had not done their homework properly.

"The image of the caravanning industry is being badly tarnished by these continuing problems despite the intentions of new regulations."

He believed caravan rental businesses "no doubt did their homework in a meticulous manner before deciding on which 'vans to buy".

"Renters appreciably assist the manufacturers by providing constructive comments on the usability and acceptance of their 'vans, along with suggestions to improve any items that have any drawbacks."

Mr Young said the idea of renting before buying was "certainly an excellent decision" for would-be caravanners.

A simple spreadsheet comparing the costs of buying vs renting is available by emailing the Caravan Council of Australia at


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