February 2018


Canines in caravan parksNon pet-friendly parks in the doghouse

Caravan canines doted on as children, howls journo

By Dennis Amor
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THE THORNY question of whether pooches should be allowed in caravan parks has been highlighted by a NSW scribe.

Writing in the Newscastle Herald, journalist Jeff Corbett says canines have continued their climb towards equality as members of the human family.

And nowhere is this more apparent, he suggests, than in caravan parks.

"An active campaign is well entrenched in the caravan park industry now," Jeff howls.

"Caravanners who take a dog or dogs with them - and my guess is it's about a third of them - use online forums to condemn caravan parks that are not what the dog owners like to describe as pet friendly.

"Some make it their business to phone caravan parks that do not allow dogs to ask if they are pet friendly ... then moan that they'll have to go somewhere else."

'These days it seems that half the caravan parks allows dogs'
Jeff says crafty caravanners tended to not to pose the simple question 'do you allow dogs in your park?' - which is easily answered - but rather 'are you pet friendly?'.

This requires the longer 'yes, I am friendly to pets and I'm delighted that you have one. But no, I don't want your dog in my park'.

"It used to be that the only parks that allowed dogs were desperate for business, and for good reason, but these days it seems that half allow dogs," Jeff complains.

"Some allow dogs in cabins, which means that the cabin you rent today may have had terriers scraping their protruding bits along the lounge yesterday."

And he ponders: "Hey, if we have to pay for children at caravan parks why not for dogs?"

He points out that the change in attitute towards canines in the last 30 years has been inexorable.

"Today dogs are not pets but family members, doted on as children," he explains.

"Above all, a dog is now regarded as having a right to life, even a right to a good life, when until 20 years ago those rights were at the owner's whim.

"Soon, I expect, dogs will have a right to be free of discrimination from such as caravan park owners."


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