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November 2018


Caravanners at the police presentation

Cops dispel urban myths

Caravanners in brush with
the law at Rum City rally

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CARAVANNERS at the 41st Caravan Clubs of Queensland's State Rally in Bundaberg had a brush with the law.

But the only thing the cops were handing out at the gathering of 400 happy campers at the Rum City's Recreational Precinct was advice on keeping safe while on the road.

Club secretary Barbara Rutherford told Caravanning News that the seven-day rally had been a resounding success.

"It's been a very friendly affair attended by caravanners from all over Queensland," she added.

Meanwhile, Senior Community Crime Prevention Officer Sue Rewald penned the following article after her colleagues spent an "enjoyable afternoon" delivering a presentation at the event.

The caravanning club made us feel very welcome and were keen to chat to our officers about all sorts of roads safety issues.

With 130 attendees at our session we were certainly kept on our toes answering questions!

Sergeant Meg Owens put members through their paces with a Road Rules Refresher Quiz where she dispelled some of the urban myths about cyclists, merging lanes and the ever controversial roundabout.

Sergeant Paul Jackson shared stories about his time spent in outback stations and what caravanners should look out for.

Paul emphasised that it was particularly important to make sure that your partner is also experienced at towing so that they can step in if needed.

He had seen a number of crashes due to inexperienced co-drivers trying to cope with road conditions and large vehicles.

Department of Transport and Main Roads compliance officer Jason spoke about safe towing including loading your caravan correctly, shackles/chains and brakes.

Also joining us were Tom and Terry from the Australian Caravan Club who highlighted the importance of adequate rest stops to prevent fatigue and sharing the road with other vehicles.

But it wasn’t all theory, with fun interactive displays on standard drinks, stay wider of the rider and drinking goggles to simulate the effect alcohol has on your coordination.

A big thank you to Col and Bill for inviting us along and to all those happy campers that took part!


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