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December 2017

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Danjera Dam 

anjera Dam: Christmas camping is a goer

Good news after 'positive discussion'

Council in change of heart over Xmas camping ban

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CAMPERS will be able to enjoy Christmas at NSW's Danjera Dam camping area at Yalwal after all.

Shoalhaven City Council has decided to postpone its decision to close the facility on December 4 pending a review.

There has been a raft of complaints alleging anti-social behaviour at the camping area,  including firearm misuse, illegal trail bike riding and group 4WD activities, vandalism and misuse of facilities, unsafe behaviour involving vehicles and alcohol leading to serious injuries and threats to campers and the adjoining landowner.

The change of heart came after Mayor Amanda Findley met with several representatives of the camping area's legitimate user groups.

"We had a very positive discussion in which the concerns of council and the concerns of legitimate and well-behaved user groups were aired," she said.

"The parties in attendance voiced a commitment and support to assist council in any attempt to formalise the camping area - including a pay-for-use process - and also to support regulatory activities to control behaviour in the vicinity.

"Additional information was presented to myself and the director of Shoalhaven Water regarding previous agreements with National Parks and the possible impact on councilís commitments in this area.

"Based on these and other discussions that have been had with state government representatives I feel it would be worthwhile to delay any formal closure of the camping area, particularly over the Christmas period."

An up-to-date report will be presented to the council next year.

Meanwhile, the council is being urged to take immediate action to discourage ongoing illegal camping on Red Head Villages beaches and reserves.

It plans to hire two mobile roadside signs already in use on roadworks at Bendalong Road from December 15 to January 31.

Mayor Findley said they would be located at the entry to Bendalong near the Princes Highway to deter anyone proceeding further.

"The aim is for the community to be advised that they cannot free camp in the Bendalong area," she said.

"Similar signage is used at Booderee National Park to deter illegal camping.

"The signs clearly show how to book camping and provide an alternative for destination tourists."

She said the community had asked the council to help alleviate some of the impacts of illegal camping.

"We will also be ensuring that rangers patrol this area and advise people illegally camping that they need to find an alternative location.

"They will also be encouraged to book into established camping grounds in the area."


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