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December 2017

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Interest amuses CIAA chief executive

Lemon-aid for peak
body's strategic review

By Dennis Amor
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AUSTRALIA'S peak body for the caravan and camping industry has registered two new business names ... each bearing the word 'lemon'.

The Caravanning Industry Association of Australia now officially owns the names "Lemon Caravans" and Lemon Caravans Australia".

It has also acquired the domain name lemoncaravans.com.au.

The somewhat strange move has triggered some lively discussion among caravanners and on some caravanning forums, so Caravanning News decided to ask the association for an explanation.

Stuart LamontChief executive Stuart Lamont (pictured) commented: "I continue to be bemused by the level of interest in our organisation.

"Our internal strategies and activities are under constant review and will undertake a further examination through the induction process of the new office-bearers announced this week.

"This includes what we intend to do with the names you mention.

"Needless to say, we will continue to look for ways in which we can improve standards within the industry and be true to our vision to lead and champion a robust, compliant and sustainable caravanning and camping industry."

Mr Lamont said his association remained committed to improving standards within the industry as had been evidenced by strategies over the past couple of years.

"This has seen more resources allocated to industry interaction, more reviews of individual product than ever before, a closer working relationship with Federal inspectors surrounding interpretation of the regulations, and in conjunction with our state associations more industry educational sessions and stricter show compliance activities.

"Indeed, in November alone there were three specific trade educational events around the country which concentrated on compliance and Australian Consumer Law matters.

"This is all the more reason why consumers should buy from an industry-backed consumer show, and interact with businesses involved with the various caravanning associations around the country.

"All of the above activity has resulted in better understanding by industry businesses surrounding their obligations and a significant reduction in issues identified through the inspection reviews.

"This can only lead to a better consumer experience for more consumers interacting with our industry and wishing to undertake a caravanning or camping adventure."


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