JULY 2020


'We need to be mindful'

Cop urges road users to give 'a tad more' consideration to RVers

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QUEENSLAND police have urged road users to give more consideration to caravanners as COVID restrictions are eased.

Rockhampton's Sergeant Jode Fernie said many drivers would have noticed the recent increase in RVs on the state's highways and byways.

"Whilst it allows our economy to regain strength, it also means we need to be mindful and share our roads with vehicles who need a tad more consideration than smaller vehicles," she said.

"Importantly, drivers of cars need to remember the few basic tips when driving near or behind a caravan or motorhome."

She explained that RVs needed longer to slow down or stop and extra space to turn corners, B-doubles or road trains could cause them to sway and driving too close behind RVs reduced a driver's vision.

And Sgt Fernie added: "A couple of extra minutes added to your trip may be just what you need to ensure you make it to your destination. As I say to my own learner driver child, 'A patient driver is a safe driver'."


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