February 2018


Cooroy Stopover

Cooroy ... concerns over rest area costs

Facility achieves only 'modest patronage'

Councillors concerned
at high costs of running
Cooroy RV Stopover

By Dennis Amor
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NOOSA Council in Queensland is investigating ways of running its Cooroy RV Stopover at no cost to the local community.

This follows concerns by councillors about the cost of operating the facility in Mary River Road.

Figures reveal that the pet-friendly overnight stopover achieved "modest patronage" during the last financial year, averaging only five RVs a day.

Its operating loss was about $19,000 and the council says it would require a significant increase in visitor nights to break even.

Cooroy StopoverThe $10-a-night stopover accommodates up to 40 fully self-contained RVs for up to four nights.

There are no toilets, showers, cooking or power facilities and on-site release of grey water or waste is forbidden.

A report before the council had recommended against separate management bids by the Cooroy Chamber of Commerce and the Cooroy Future Group.

The council's assessment panel expressed concern at the reliance of volunteer staff and a lack of experience.

At its last meetng, councillors approved a motion "to define, negotiate and implement a community-led management model" which would operate at no cost to ratepayers.

Meanwhile, the council will continue operating the stopover under the current interim management arrangement.


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