February 2018


Theft prompts warning from police

'Vanners urged to be more security conscious

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QUEENSLAND police have urged caravanners to invest in wheel clamps, chains or hitch clamps.

The plea comes after thieves took off with a caravan parked at a Sunshine Coast retirement village.

But their efforts were foiled when the RV came adrift while attempting a U-turn ... a padlock had prevented the tow ball from locking properly.

The crooks escaped without their spoils and the caravan was returned to its owner virtually undamaged.

Sergeant Yvette Tarrier reminded all caravan owners and users to take simple security measures to deter offenders from stealing caravans.

"There are a number of devices available that help secure caravans, trailers and horse floats," she said.

"They can include wheel clamps, chains or clamps for hitches.

"Of course, most importantly, if you have the security make sure you use it.

"Itís easy to think Iíll do that tomorrow ... but tomorrow you could wake up to find your caravan stolen."


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