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July 2018


Rob Lucas

Mr Lucas: job is not over

Economic contribution continues to rise

Victoria still holds crown in
 $4.4 billion caravan industry

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VICTORIA continued to dominate Australia's $4.5 billion caravan industry last year, accounting for almost half its total economic contribution and almost two-thirds of its manufacturing jobs.

But the state's peak body for the industry admitted there was "still much to do" to raise business standards to match the expectations of "increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated" customers.

The Caravan Industry Association of Victoria has welcomed a major report showing that the state is still the heartland of Australia's booming caravan industry and the national leader for every major metric.

Chief executive Rob Lucas said it led not only in jobs and economic contribution, but in revenue, the number of enterprises, value-add and payroll.

"Manufacturing is the bedrock of Victoria's strength, accounting for 74 percent of jobs in the component sector and in building motorhomes and traditional caravans," he said.

"Even when we allow for Queensland's strong position in manufacturing camper trailers, we still account for 64 percent of all manufacturing jobs – a massive total of 4123 jobs.

'Take heart from the caravan industry'

"To put that in perspective, that's more than the total manufacturing jobs at Toyota, Holden and Ford combined before they ceased manufacturing.

"Anyone who thinks manufacturing is dead in Australia should take heart from the caravan industry nationally, and especially in Victoria."

The state's 1000-plus caravan-related enterprises include Australia's biggest caravan and component manufacturers, along with a thriving retail, repair and servicing sector.

Mr Lucas said these enterprises accounted for a payroll and value-add total of $680 million, or 42 percent of the national figure.

"Whichever way you look at it, Victoria’s caravan industry makes a massive contribution to the nation as a whole.

"What's more, that figure is not standing still – over the past six years we have seen a 28 percent increase in jobs and a 50 percent increase in our total economic contribution."

Mr Lucas said the industry’s growth in Victoria was driven by the Victorian Caravan and Camping Industry Blueprint, launched by CIA VIC in 2012.

"Two of the most important elements of our Blueprint are training and industry standards, and we have made real progress in both of these areas," he said.

"We have had good support from successive state governments, led by the Department of Economic Development, the Department of Education & Training and of course Tourism.

"The job is not over, but our industry development and training initiatives are moving us relentlessly in the right direction."


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