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'A huge amount of interest'

Scott gives old ladies from
yesteryear a new lease of life

By Dennis Amor
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SCOTT Earley is never happier than when he is hard at work giving a new lease of life to caravans from yesteryear.

Scott, owner of WA's family business RV Solutions at Rockingham, has been restoring vintage caravans for the past two years, turning them into things like a mobile music studio, primary school library, mobile bar and coffee caravan ... and others for a more conventional life on the road.

He said there was a "huge amount of interest" in his business and he had seen his social media following grow by 700 percent.

His current focus is on the steel-famed Baravan caravans which began production in the early 1950s.

"The average price of these ground up restorations is usually around $25,000 to $30,000," he told Caravanning News.

"They are able to be totally customised and reliable, which is something you don't often get with vintage caravans," he explained.

"Because they are a true ground up restoration you can ensure the frame and chassis are solid, where typically people omit these vital structural features in favour of nice furnishings."

Mr Earley said the company began these builds mainly because it had been working on many people's so called "renovated caravans".

"By the time they got them to us the whole thing was ready for the bin.

"We have had at least a dozen customers who bought something that looked amazing in the photos and used the décor from a magazine cover.

"But they had absolutely no attention to the fundamentals that actually make the caravan usable like electrical, plumbing and the structure.

"And the amount that people had paid for some of these things was crazy."


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