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April 2017


Mooloolaba's doomed caravan park

Mooloolaba's doomed caravan park

Opponents' plea to government

Last-ditch petition to
save doomed park

By Dennis Amor
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A LAST-DITCH petition to Queensland Government to save Mooloolaba's iconic beachfront caravan park on the Sunshine Coast has attracted more than 1600 signatures.

The popular 34-site Mooloolaba Esplanade Beach Holiday Park with million-dollar views over the Pacific Ocean is destined to be bulldozed to make way for parkland and a public walkway.

But opponents claim the short-term plan is to transform the site into a carpark because of Sunshine Coast Regional Council financial constraints.

They are also concerned the nearby Coolum Beach and Parkyn Parade caravan parks will also be closed.

Queensland Heritage Council decided not to add the doomed half-century-old caravan park to the Heritage List which would have protected it.

But opponents claim the Queensland government recently confirmed it was still considering future use of the land in question.

"There's still a chance we can preserve this small piece of Mooloolaba’s heritage," a spokesperson said.

The battlers have launched a formal Queensland Parliament e-petition, which closes on May 19.

It reads: "Queensland citizens draw to the attention of the House that the Queensland government is allowing the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to close down the Mooloolaba Esplanade Beach Holiday Park in July 2017 and turn it into a carpark in direct breach of the Queensland government's Caravan Park Policy.

"This states that any caravan park on state-owned land will be prevented from closure and that the policy will be applied to all caravan parks.

"Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to apply the Caravan Park Policy to prevent closure of the Mooloolaba Esplanade Beach Holiday Park immediately.

"We also request the Queensland government should confirm its intention to abide by the Caravan Park Policy to prevent the closure of other beachfront caravan parks which are presently at risk of closure."


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