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April 2019


Family robbed at Hervey Bay caravan park

Mr Ferguson and his family: robbed

Sneak thief escapes with $1000

Businessman Jay feeds family after robbery

By Dennis Amor
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A KIND-HEARTED businessman stepped in when a young family was robbed of all its cash at a Hervey Bay holiday park in Queensland.

The sneak thief made off with a wallet and purse containing $1000 as Sunshiine Coast holidaymakers Mathew Ferguson, partner Yasmin Blogg and their two children aged 10 and 18 months slept in their cabin during a weekend away at the Ingenia holiday park in Torquay.

And when he heard the sad story, Ricardo's Italiano and Seafront Fish and Chips owner Jay Hodmain stepped in with free meals for the remainder of the family's holiday.

"We wanted to help as much as possible," he told Caravanning News.

"Being in that situation would be terrible. We didn't want them to go away from Hervey Bay with negativity from that experience and not come back ... we wanted to turn it around for them and give them a Hervey Bay positive experience."

Mr Ferguson commented: "For him to give a stranger and his family not only his time but to have us free of charge at his establishments was extremely generous.

"It made us not let the negative actions of a few change our thoughts about Hervey Bay, and based purely on his actions my family will be holidaying in Hervey Bay again."

Mr Ferguson said they were treating their children to a weekend away.

"We woke Saturday morning to the cabin door wide open and my wallet and partner's purse, which had the sum of $1000 in it, gone," he said.

"I notified police and the people running the park and was told this was the second night in a row this had happened at the park.

"I will not stay at that establishment again as I don't feel they dealt with the issue to a good enough standard, and nor did the local police."


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