February 2018


Freedom Seesker

Members of the ACC’s new Sydney Freedom Seekers are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  Photo:  Diane Brown.

Exploring on a budget

ACC welcomes its first NSW freedom camp branch

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A LOVE of freedom camping and the great outdoors has inspired a group of RVers to form a new branch of the Australian Caravan Club that will cater specifically for their passion.

The recently formed ACC Sydney Freedom Seekers - the club's 49th branch - will be the first of its kind for the club in New South Wales.

The ACC Bushrangers and ACC Drovers, both located in Victoria, already choose only freedom and budget camps for their musters.

"Members of the new branch are particularly interested in taking advantage of free and low-cost camping facilities as we explore NSW and beyond," the ACC's NSW membership support representative, Lorraine Theodoros, herself an inaugural member of the new branch, said.

A freedom of choice of camping options is important to the members of the new branch.

"We want to fully explore our great outdoors seeking free camping options as much as possible and practicable," Mrs Theodoros said.

"Members attending our musters and tagalongs will be advised what is available at the facilities we have chosen.

"If they wish to join in the activity, they should ensure their RV fully meets the requirements of such facilities.

"At times, RVs will need to be able to cope with a lack of shower and toilet facilities and fresh water at sites. They must be able to contain grey water when required."

ACC membership support director Graham Christie said the club was very excited about the new branch.

"A number of our members enjoy nothing more than to get out there, freedom camp and enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer," he explained.

"On behalf of the ACC, I welcome the new branch into the ACC family."

The ACC has a broad membership of around 4500 members, all with different interests.

Some preferred the security and amenity of caravan parks, some liked to only freedom camp and others enjoyed a mixture of both, Mr Christie said.

The ACC Sydney Freedom Seekers are planning their first muster as a tagalong next month to the Stone the Crows Festival in Wagga Wagga.

A second muster exploring the Hunter Valley is planned for April.

RVers wanting to find out more about the ACC or the ACC Sydney Freedom Seekers can contact branch secretary Lorraine Scowen by clicking on this link to email the Sydney Freedom Campers..


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