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October 2018


Ebony in her mobile flower studio

Ebony in her eye-popping mobile flower studio

New lease of life for vintage caravan

Converted Franklin helps Ebony's business blossom

By Dennis Amor
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AN old lady from yesteryear is helping a young woman's business to blossom.

Florist Ebony Travers from Geelong in Victoria has taken to the road in a restored and modified Franklin caravan built in the 1970s.

Rather than setting up a permanent shop for her Wildfolk Flowers enterprise, she now has the ability to work from wherever she pleases.

It took five months to transform the vintage RV into a sleek eye-popping black and pale pink mobile flower studio, which also doubles as a 'pop-up' bar for evening events.

It has been named 'Frida' after one of Ebonyís idols, Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist whose paintings and works were inspired by her homeland's nature and artifacts.

"There was a lot of driving around Victoria to purchase and renovate the 'van," 23-year-old Ebony told Caravanning News.

"But once it was home, myself, partner, mum and dad spent countless hours transforming it into Frida."

Ebony said there had been a few problems, but leaking was probably the biggest.

"We re-sealed the whole caravan top to bottom to avoid further water damage," she explained.

"We still find a few minor problems here and there but Frida is a very old-style caravan and this was to be expected."

Ebony said the caravan "stands out from the crowd" and it had been "overwhelming how often people compliment the look of her".

"They love her so much that Iíve been bombarded with enquiries and bookings! I'm feeling very blessed."

A Geelong girl born and bred, Ebony describes herself as a flower designer, dog lover and self confessed cheese enthusiast.

"I spent five years absorbing everything 'florist' and eight years in the hospitality industry before opening Wildfolk Flowers and Caravan Bar Wildfolk Events," she said.

She focuses on creating unique flower designs, selling flowers and terrariums at markets and even undertaking deliveries straight to a customer's door.

Ebony also creates elaborate wedding bouquets and arrangements, pop-up event installations and workshops for flower enthusiasts.


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