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July 2019


AK-47s ... spot the difference

Spot the difference. A Gel Blaster AK-47 is pictured at the top while the genuine article is at the bottom

Controversial Gel Blasters under fire


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MEMBERS of a major online caravanning forum have been silenced after coming out all guns blazing over a controversial toy.

They had set their sights on the increasing craze involving Gel Blasters, increasingly used in skirmish games similar to paintball.

But within seven hours of the first comment being posted, administrators of the 31,000-member Caravaners Forum decided to block further contributions from members, advising: "This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies".

Forumites had expressed concern that despite the handguns and rifles often being mistaken for the real thing, they have been classified as toys in some states.

"I would be devastated to see a kid shot by police in our current high terrorism awareness state because of a poor decision to carry a toy that looks nothing like a toy," one worried member wrote.

Another wanted to know how many 'jokers' would be tasered and shot by police by mistake before they were banned.

Whatever happened
to common sense?

"Whatever happened to common sense?" he asked.

"There are occasional days in my life that I want to close my eyes, go back to bed and hope I wake up to a better world."

Another commented: "These Gel Blasters are now legal like marijuana is becoming and will definitely lead to slug guns and eventually automatic assault weapons. They must be stopped!"

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan has already raised the issue and it is understood moves are underway to have regulations modified.

Speaking after a Toowoomba woman was shot by one of the guns fired from a passing vehicle, one senior officer said they were classed as toys "but are still weapons".

"They are very realistic and cause fear," he said.

Gel Blasters are legal in Queensland and SA, but banned in NSW and Victoria, with no regulation in WA.

They have become increasingly popular in recent months, with dedicated clubs, Facebook pages and online forums.

But not all members of the caravanners' furum are against the Gel Blasters, one admitting he used one as "a family bonding thing".

"We all run around laughing having fun," he said.

"It's a better option than them sitting in their room on their own on the Xbox.

"If we really want to protect the health and safety of our young we should ban Facebook, Twitter and the like.

"They are causing more harm in far greater numbers than any Gel Blaster."


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