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June 2019


Rest area parking

Caravans and trucks share a rest area


Series launched at Stone the Crows Festival

Videos deliver top tips for sharing roads

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AWARD-winning transport industry and road safety campaigner Rod Hannifey has released new videos designed to improve relationships between grey nomads, truckies and other road users.

The nine Truckies Top Tips videos were launched at the recent Stone the Crows Festival in NSW where they attracted a myriad of comments and questions from festival-goers at Wagga Wagga, covering the usual discussion points of trucks and caravans sharing the road ... plus the thorny issue of rest areas.

"It was a good crowd and very interactive," Mr Hannifey said.

"We kept going for an hour and a half and still had a mob of people at the end with further questions."

The videos were funded by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator through the National Heavy Vehicle Road Safety Initiative and are available online for free.

One of the topics in the nine-video series deals with the problem of trucks being squeezed out of roadside rest areas.

Mr Hennifey complains there are too few of these vital facilities on highways, little shade, not enough toilets and even fewer for women truckies.

"In fact, there's often no parking space for truckies when the holiday season is on," he said.

Easter was a case in point, with many truck spots at service centres often the only place truckies could access toilets, showers and meals taken over by the holidaying public.

This often happened in designated truck parking areas or truckstops on highways, he said.

"Offenders often give little thought to all the food and fuel they use and which is being delivered by the same trucks they are denying basic facilities," Mr Hannifey added.

The videos can be used as a resource, and he is encouraging groups and clubs to share them "far and wide".

They can be accessed here.


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