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May 2017


Mr Hannifey: survey

Mr Hannifey: survey

Rod poses 10 questions

Truckie seeks help from grey nomads in road
 safety  initiative

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TRUCKIE and road safety advocate Rod Hannifey is seeking the help of grey nomads in his fight to improve road safety for all users.

The award-winning B-double driver and Churchill Fellowship recipient has decided to launch a survey of caravanners and motorhomers after chatting to grey nomads at the recent Stone the Crows festival at Wagga Wagga.

"I was asked what they could do to help my cause of improving road safety," he said.

"This survey, then, is the first step in seeking the thoughts of RVers which could help us achieve more.

"The aim is to raise discussion and find some solutions from those who travel and live on the roads, rather than have experts tell us how to do it."

Mr Hennifey wants grey nomads to answer 10 questions:

1. What information is readily available for RV drivers about sharing the road with trucks?
2. In that information, is there anything missed or that should be added or better explained?
3. What is the best way to get to such a group or audience? If you are in a club or group do you have a newsletter or group communication, or annual events?
4. Do you agree to the idea of some form of licencing for caravans, given recognition of prior learning or experience?
5. How would you suggest this be achieved? No one wants to be forced to take a course and some courses may be better than others. But having no relevant education or knowledge before taking on a major trip in an unfamiliar combination could lead to disaster on the road, and none of us wants that.
6. Have you done a course that helped you, and were trucks and sharing the road covered?
7. Are you aware of UHF Channel 18 as the caravan and motorhome channel? Is your vehicle signed, front and rear and are the signs big enough to be read at a distance? I started Channel 18 for RVs in 1999 and have been promoting it ever since, though as an individual it is hard to get it in front of all.
8. How can we alleviate the issue of friction in truck parking bays? Have you had issues in truck bays and what do you think was the cause and or the solution?
9. How do we gain government support for more and better rest areas for all road users?
10. Do you have any further ideas or suggestions to make the roads safer for RVers and truckies alike?

Replies should be emailed to Mr Hannifey at


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