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September 2019


Peak body announces 'exciting new initiative'

DefribilatorCIAA beats new path towards protecting from heart attacks

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THE Caravan Industry Association of Australia has officially announced a new partnership with Defibs Plus.

It embraces exciting new initiatives around heart health as well as collaborative partnerships with the likes of Monash University.

There will also be new opportunities to undertake marketing campaigns.

In June this year, the Federal Government announced a caravan park defibrillator subsidy scheme aiming to install 1000 defibrillators at caravan parks around the country, with this partnership extending beyond the simple installation and supply of defibrillators.

While many defibrillator suppliers have made contact since the announcement of the subsidy, the Australian owned and operated Defibs Plus has been one of the few suppliers who have looked at a relationship beyond the term of the funding, following on from their previous commitment to industry when no funding was on the table.

"Louise Dawson and the team at Defibs Plus have been long term supporters of the Australian caravanning industry, regularly displaying their products at various industry events, while providing invaluable information relating to good heart health for industry businesses," said association chief executive Stuart Lamont.

"They have always selflessly assisted caravan operators and I have found them to be creative in identifying solutions for industry so that access to defibrillators is provided efficiently and economically."

Mr Lamont said the industry's peak body was looking forward to rolling out some "cool initiatives" in coming months for both caravan parks and the trade sector of the industry.


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