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May 2017


Little Hunter Hall after his accident with a boiling kettle

Little Hunter after his accident

Big-hearted donors chip in to help

Family's dream trip ends
as inquisitive toddler
scalded in kettle horror

By Dennis Amor
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A QUEENSLAND toddler continues to recover after being showered with boiling water from a kettle during his family's dream caravanning adventure.

Rockhampton parents Kerrie and Mick Hall and their children ‒ Haedin (12), Cody (10) Joel (6) and Hunter (17 months) ‒ were already three months into their planned year-long road trip to Tasmania.

The horrific accident happened at a Landsborough caravan park in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, just days after little Hunter had taken his first steps.

Hunter in happier times

Hunter in happier times

The inquisitive tot pulled open the caravan's oven door and knocked over a kettle boiling on the hot plate.

His family rushed him 25km to Caloundra Hospital and he was transferred to the burns unit at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane where the full extent of his burns became evident.

He had suffered burns to his head, face, chest, right leg and feet and has since undergone four skin grafts to his head, chest, right leg and foot, and the sole of his left foot.

Baby Hunter will require surgery on his right leg every year until he stops growing in his late teens.

He will have scarring for the rest of his life and will undergo physiotherapy to help him walk again.

Kerrie, Mick and Hunter's older brothers have been been living in Ronald McDonald accommodation houses at and near the hospital since the accident in March.

The Hall family in the Glasshouse Mountains just days before Hunter's dreadful accident

The Hall family in the Glasshouse Mountains just days before Hunter's dreadful accident.

Speaking publicly for the first time, Kerrie said the trip was to be the adventure of a lifetime but all that mattered now was the welfare and recovery of little Hunter.

Meanwhile, a special online GoFundMe page has raised over $3500 to help Hunter's family with ongoing financial costs.

These include pressure garments costing around $500 each and a suitably modified pram.

Launched just over two weeks ago, the appeal had already attracted more than 80 donations ranging from $5 to $500.

There were also many get-well comments from the big-hearted contributors.

"My donation is small but hope it helps your little boy on his road to recovery. Thinking of you all in this difficult time," wrote one.

And another urged the parents and family not to blame themselves.

"Accidents do happen. With you all by his side, Hunter will recover and he will live a beautiful life. All the best for his recovery," she said.


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