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November 2017


Think outside the box, says Nick

Financial expert urges investors toNick Griffin consider caravan market

By Dennis Amor
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THE once lowly caravan could turn into a financial bonanza for investors, it has been claimed.

Financial expert Nick Griffin (pictured) is urging speculators to think outside the box and turn their attention to the caravan market to snare some healthy returns.

Mr Griffin, who is chief investment officer and founding partner of Melbourne-based  independent global investment managers Munro Partners, points to the "strong structural growth" in the caravan market, which is booming thanks to people's desire for the outdoors and to be more active and healthy.

Last year was one of the most successful for Australia's $1.8 billion recreational vehicle manufacturing industry, with one RV rolling off the production line every five minutes.

Writing for the online InvestorDaily, he said investors were now looking more closely at outdoor equipment, and in particular caravans.

Yes, caravans!

"Caravans have traditionally been seen as an old-fashioned holiday option for the budget-conscious," he explained.

"They reached peak popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, but have experienced a renaissance in recent years thanks to 'grey nomads'.

"However, their popularity is now growing even further on the back of a younger demographic."

Mr Griffin said that during the past five years, the average age of a caravan buyer had fallen from 55 to 48, and the caravan industry had moved to cater for them by producing smaller and cheaper towable units which made camping more of a 'glamping’ experience'.

"The outcome of this is the strong structural growth in the caravan market, which has been happening for the past five years and which shows no sign of waning," he said.

As a sector, the caravan market was currently 140 percent up on its previous peak.

"To put this in perspective, no other consumer durable in the market today has beaten its previous peak," Mr Griffin added.


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