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Spotlight on cadets

Jayco training gives Cooper confidence

Jayco trainee Cooper Have your say

JAYCO is proud of having produced Australia's most popular brand of RVs for more than 45 years ... and decided to turn the spotlight on its cadets who have helped in the process.

The Victorian-based manufacturer interviewed one of its trainees in its cadetship program to find out how he has benefited.

Cooper, pictured left, joined the program in March, 2022, after graduating from high school.

He was searching for jobs when he discovered it was construction oriented and would provide him with hands-on experience, which was exactly what he was after.

Through Jaycoís cadetship program, Cooper discovered his passion for electrical work and has gained the skills and experience to pursue this field.

"We're proud of Cooperís achievements and we look forward to providing our new cadets with practical work experience and skills," Jayco said.

The company asked Cooper the following questions:

What departments did you experience at Jayco?

I worked across saws, campers, lamination, pop tops, campervans, motorhomes and caravans. Changing tasks weekly meant I was experiencing new and exciting challenges all the time.

What department were you drawn to the most?

I started to develop electrical experience while working on the wires in caravans and I enjoyed that the most. I learnt which colours go where, what certain things are doing. When I was in Caravan Line 2, I was able to plug up modules to program lights and turn them on. Programming lights in pop tops helped me learn how it works and realise how much I enjoyed it.

What skills did you gain from Jaycoís electrical department?

I'm able to crimp wires now and I know which wires need to be connected to each other. I also gained problem-solving skills while we were doing testing. When there were problems coming through the line, I used the skills I gained to fix these issues and make sure they didn't happen again.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in Jaycoís cadetship program?

Meeting other people and learning from their experiences. I got to speak to team members and find out where they are now and how they got to where they are.

Did you develop any interpersonal skills during the program?

Iíve gained a lot more confidence during the program. I used to be a bit more shy than I am now, and had some trouble talking to people. I think the program pushed me to go up to people and talk to them or ask questions and sometimes Iíll even have a chat with people as well.

Did you feel supported during the program?

I did feel supported. I had team leaders and other line workers to help me out whenever I needed. I also had the trainers and other support staff, so there was always someone to ask questions or speak to if I needed something.

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