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JUNE 2022

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* Police body cam captures dramatic rescue from blazing caravan ... 13,079 people reached.

* Caravan rollover on Forrest Highway ... 12,537 people reached.

* Blue Sky Caravans win gold award ... 6971 people reached.

* Victoria's Caravan Supershow winner ... 6628 people reached.

* Muster time for members of Australian Caravan Club ... 5429 people reached.

* Westbound caravanners warned after crash ... 4068 people reached.

Boroma caravan plate may be up for a fine ...





THE May issue of Caravanning News carried a picture of a Boroma caravan going through a tunnel.

I wonder if the owner realises that (according to the reflection in the picture) the number plate looks to be more than 1.3 metres high and would be liable for a fine if Mr Plod was to check it.

If you know who the owner is, a quiet word might be in order.

Colin Graves.
(Editor of Boroma newsletter).


Sunseeker caravan auction to aid Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Sunseeker's TIAV caravan

SUNSEEKER will be auctioning off a replica TIAV caravan with all proceeds above the reserve price going to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. The auction will take place on June 11 at Queensland’s biggest caravan show – the Let's Go Queensland Caravan & Camping Supershow at Brisbane Showgrounds. The successful bidder will be able to take delivery of the RV this month. The Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s key role is educating all children about their personal safety. The 23ft three- bunk family caravan provides a generous living area and comes wirh a large kitchen with loads of bench space and a massive club lounge perfect for family meals, work or schooling whilst on the road. Have your say

  'Fee structure a debacle'

Clubs join ranks to take 'unfair'
toll system to government

CARAVAN and motorhome owners are continuing their battle with the road toll system in Sydney. Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia chief executive Richard Barwick and Australian Caravan Club chairman Ken Newton recently joined forces and, under the umbrella of RV Clubs of Australia, met with both sides of Government to discuss key issues. Changes to vehicle classifications brought height into the equation, which meant caravans were tolled at the same rate on two motorways as a B-double truck and trailer. CMCA chief executive described the fee structure as a "debacle". Read more button

Lorne ForeshoreWelcome for guests with disability

Upgrading underway at Lorne Foreshore caravan park

UPGRADING the family-friendly Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park’s Queens Park site on Victoria's Great Ocean Road is underway. Work will include a new enclosed kitchen and undercover BBQ area, improvements to the existing toilet and amenities and new water tanks. The kitchen and BBQ area will include new seating and features such as ramps to ensure compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act, welcoming more caravan park guests with a disability to enjoy the enhanced experience. Read more button

   Hands-on learning

Sandgroper caravanners prepare for medical emergencies

MEMBERS of the WA-based Sandgroper Caravanners group have prepared themselves for dealing with possible medical emergencies during their rallies. Formed in late 1999, the club caters mostly for retired or near to retirement people who own either a pop top or a full size caravan. They recently refreshed essential first aid skills through the Royal Life Saving WA’s newly-launched Heart Beat 45+ First Aid refresher course. Delivered by trainer Cathie Calleja, it covered CPR and first aid components including cardiac arrest, sunstroke, choking, hypothermia, shock, bleeding, and bites and stings. Read More button


Caravan scamsMORE and more would-be caravanners are being caught up in on-line caravan and RV sales scams. They are being robbed of tens of thousands of dollars as the unscrupulous crooks make off with their hard-earned cash. Northern Territory Consumer Affairs Commissioner Sandra Otto has warned them to do their homework and be very aware that scammers are out there trying to get their money. Fraudsters are advertising bargain-priced caravans online, then making excuses to convince buyers not to view the RV in person, encouraging them to make their purchase 'sight unseen'. Caravanning News posed as a potential buyer. Read more by clicking here.

Let's Gop ShowMore than 220 exhibitors

Let's go to one-stop show for caravans and other RVs

Queensland’s largest caravan, camping and outdoor event will throw open its gates at Brisbane Showgrounds on June 7. The six-day Let's Go Queensland Caravan and Camping Supershow will offer a one-stop shop of outdoor fun where aspiring or experienced adventure-seekers can explore, plan and kit themselves out for the next big road trip – be it on or off the beaten track. More than 220 exhibitors will be showing off their latest models. Caravanning and camping has continued to be the preferred holiday option since COVID struck more than two years ago, read more button

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Letter man

Thirty percent of
caravans in Qld have  weight problems

I WORK for Queensland Police as a volunteer in the Crime Prevention Unit and we often partner with other agencies such as Queensland Transport and Main Roads, providing free caravan/tow vehicle weight checks.

Sadly, on average, approximately 30 percent have some issue with weight!

Either the 'van is overweight or the ball weight exceeds the limit. The one that catches people the most is the combined vehicle weight.

We have checked near-new 'vans that are basically empty but display weights above the stated weights on the compliance plates to such an extent that very little payload is possible or are too heavy for the tow vehicle.

The other issue we and our partners have is the unbalanced status of 'vans, especially their height and ball mass.

The higher they are off the ground or heavier, the more the owner reduces ball mass by adding weight to the rear, the more unstable they are ... especially when combined with speed/road conditions.

Owner self-regulation is not effective enough, and the following should be discussion points for change:-

* All new 'vans must be weighed immediately prior to delivery and include all modifications/additions and a certificate issued to purchaser. This weight must equal tare.

* All 'vans changing ownership must have weighbridge certificate, to confirm compliance plate details.

* Any modification performed/authorised by owners after purchase must result in 'vans being re-weighed and the tare recalibrated on compliance plates and be accepted by state transport departments.

* Possibly utilising existing highway weighbridge facilities or mobile scales at rest areas/caravan parks/free camps etc to perform enforcement spot checks.

The influx of new inexperienced 'van owners as a consequence of the COVID pandemic can only exasperate the problem.

Name withheld.