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March 2019


Colin Young, Caravan Council of Australia general manager and founder'Serious time-wasting and frustrating hassles'

Caravan Council helps owners of 'lemon' caravans cut legal fees

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THE Caravan Council of Australia is striving to help owners of "lemon" caravans cut the legal costs of getting justice.

General manager Colin Young (pictured right) said some faced "serious time-wasting and frustrating hassles" trying to get suppliers to honour their legal obligations to fix defects.

"Quite often, caravanners have been bitterly disappointed after lodging a complaint," he said.

They often faced an agonising 'Catch-22' situation, with solicitors often quoting high and unaffordable fees merely for initiating a legal action.

A professional engineering report was often needed to justify the owner's claims, with expert witness reports costing a few thousand dollars, Mr Young said.

But the Caravan Council of Australia is now endeavouring to slash the cost of having a "Letter of Demand" sent to the caravan supplier by liaising with suitable highly-experienced solicitors and professional engineers.

The idea is to provide an effective low-cost alternative procedure to the current expensive litigation process.

"Rather than requiring a complete legally-acceptable Expert Witness Report, the engineer will provide a signed and succinct Preliminary Engineering Report to the solicitor that will be adequate to enable the solicitor to compile and forward a Letter of Demand to the caravan supplier," Mr Young explained.

"The Preliminary Engineering Report will be solely based on information provided by the caravan owner who will be required to provide a statutory declaration stating that all information and documentation supplied to the engineer is true and correct and pertains to the subject caravan."

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