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August 2016


Kingston SE's free RV Park

Kingston SE welcomes travellers

Non self-contained vehicles welcome

RV Park among nation's most popular: council

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A SMALL town on the shores of South Australia's Lacepede Bay boasts of having what could be one of the most popular free RV Parks in Australia.

A Kingston District Council report presented to councillors recently said it was clear that relaxing by-laws, erecting new signs and monitoring the RV Park had been extremely successful.

"There is a suggestion that Kingston SE's free RV Park may be one of the most popular in the country," it said.

In fact, it has proved such a hit that the council will continue to make the facility, adjacent to the Lions Park, accessible to motorhomes, caravans, campervans and 4WD vehicles with dedicated roof-top tents.

And it has lifted the requirement for RVs to be self-contained.

Ground tents and sleeping in cars will still be banned.

The council said it would continue monitoring the RV Park for the next 12 months and also consider providing "additional capacity" if required.

It will also explore the option of allowing users to make donations towards the cost of running the facility and extending the maximum stay from one to two nights.

The revised by-laws will allow the council to close Wyomi Beach RV Park.

Cr Kay Rasheed agreed that allowing tourists to stay two nights at the Kingston SE RV Park could benefit the town.

"Caravans get there on nightfall and don't stay 24 hours, because they pack up the next morning," she explained.

"It's better if they stay two nights."

Council chief executive Chris England said feedback from park users over the past year has been positive.


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