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October 2016


Striking it rich with a flutter

By Dennis Amor
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GAMBLING caravanners are reaping in millions of dollars in Western Australia.

They are striking it rich with a flutter on the state's Lotterywest ... collecting more than $42 million in the last few months.

"There's no doubt about it, they are a lucky bunch," a Lotterywest spokeswoman told Caravanning News.

"Quite recently we've had a few come up trumps after nipping into a newsagent during their travels to buy a lotto ticket."

The latest win went to a couple from WA's Wheatbelt who scooped $1.33 million.

The unnamed winners, who had forgotten all about their entry bought on a whim during a caravanning roadtrip, discovered their good fortune only when they had the coupon checked six weeks later.

The stunned instant millionaires said they were now planning more caravanning holidays.

Lotterywest's second largest winners were also into caravanning.

The overjoyed couple, from the state's south-west, landed a cool $40 million in March this year.

'It's such a great feeling to know we can get our new caravan without having to worry'

"We will continue to work and live a normal life, but will be looking forward to a few extras like taking our caravan on another holiday," they said.

Meanwhile, a Mandurah couple was one of three winners to collect $1,333,333 in August. They plan to travel around Australia in an "old caravan".

Two caravanners from the Perth suburb of Darling Downs said they would upgrade the caravan they take on their annual family holidays after their $76,228.45 Super66 win.

"Itís just such a great feeling to know that we can get our new caravan without having to worry about our finances," the jubilant woman said.

And a couple from Gelorup in the state's south-west are saving a portion of their $664,754 Division 1 windfall to buy a caravan for their retirement.

"It's amazing how many say that their dream has come true and they will buy a caravan with their winnings," the Lotterywest spokeswoman said.

"Their prize money allows them to travel further and for longer."

About a third of the money spent on Lotterywest tickets is directed to supporting the WA community.

Local groups to receive help include the Concord Caravanners of WA which received a $12,038 Lotterywest grant a few years ago.

"These funds were used towards equipment to enhance recreation and social opportunities for caravanners and campers in the Mandurah area," the spokeswoman explained.


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