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September 2017


Mackay: action plan to entice more RVers

Mackay: action plan to entice more RVers

Action plan will include low-cost camping

Mackay to slash red tape in  bid to grab bigger slice of recreational vehicle tourism

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QUEENSLAND'S Mackay Regional Council plans to grab a larger slice of the lucrative recreational vehicles tourism market.

It will launch an action plan to slash red tape surrounding caravan parks and camping areas in a bid to attract more caravanners and other travellers into the region.

And the local mayor stressed the importance of catering for all travellers, including the emerging low-cost and minimal facility camping sectors

The council has already held meetings with stakeholders, ranging from industry bodies to existing commercial camping and caravan operators.

It will review of local laws, fees and various approvals to make it easier and more affordable for businesses to provide camping and caravan facilities in the area.

Local caravan parks complain of free camps hitting their business

The Mackay region boasts 28 commercial caravan and tourist parks offering just over a thousand powered sites, 109 unpowered sites and 398 cabins, villas and permanent residential sites.

There are also free camping areas ‒ both official and unofficial ‒ and eight camping areas in State National Parks.

Local caravan parks complain their sites are left empty as grey nomads and other travellers enjoy free overnight camping.

One park owner said there was a need to reduce rates and land charges so caravan parks could survive.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the Mackay region was well positioned to claim a greater stake of the growing self-drive market.

"We have a wonderful climate, attractive natural environment, tourist offerings and a strategic location on the Bruce Highway," he said.

"Other local governments across Australia and New Zealand have already developed strategies to help increase RV attraction.

"There is little doubt that improving our drive tourism market would deliver significant positive economic benefits to our region."

He said the drive tourism market was a growing component of the camping industry which continued to expand on the back of high production levels of recreational vehicles.

"It is important to ensure that the Mackay region caters to all consumer needs of travellers, including the emerging low-cost and minimal facility camping sectors," he added.


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