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August 2018


Youngsters' commitment and energy must be harnessed

Caravanning industry's future leaders urged
to leave comfort zones and take risks

Miichael McIvor Have your say

THE Caravan Industry Association of Australia has praised younger members of the industry.

But Future Leaders Committee chairman Michael McIvor (pictured)  has urged them to occasionally "step outside their comfort zones" to take risks so they can "grow along with our fantastic industry".

He was reflecting on the Future Leaders Forum on the Gold Coast which, he said, had highlighted the "enormous amount of talented young leaders we have within our industry".

Mr McIvor said that while the ideals of the industry's under 40s mirrored those of current thinking, the thoughts and solutions created by the group also had different applications to recognise threats and weaknesses as the industry moved forward.

He believed its "commitment and energy" must be harnessed and encouraged for the industry to remain relevant and contemporary, with the ideas of the group integrated into the industry's thinking.

"Last year we put out a call for nominations for the Future Leaders Committee and were excited with the diversely skilled and uniquely talent applicants we received," Mr MIvor said.

"This is a true testament to the calibre of youth that we have progressing through the ranks of industry."

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia and committee has decided to re-think the way the committee exists, developing a pilot program comprising a series of 'Agile Project' teams.

These will be led by current committee members to channel the youthful optimism and enthusiasm into tangible outputs that will create a significant positive impact on the future of the industry.

The teams include Innovation and Blue-Sky Thinking led by Brad Hooper, Content Creation and Engagement led by Kate Mitchell, Networking Events and Conference Concept led by Tracey Clarke and Mentoring and Research led by Stephen Edwards.

"Former chairman Josh Carnavas and myself will be overseeing the process," Mr McIvor said.

"We are excited and thrilled to offer the future leaders of our industry an opportunity to join and be part of the team that will drive new industry projects and initiatives."


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