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'We're well positioned to take next step'

MilduraMildura moves to grab bigger slice
of caravanning, camping market

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THE Victorian northwest city of Mildura has moved to capture a bigger slice of Australia's $10 billion caravanning and camping market.

Local councillors have endorsed a new RV, Caravan and Camping Strategy to encourage more grey nomads and other travellers to include the Murray River city in their travel

The strategy includes turning Mildura which boasts paddle steamers and houseboats, wineries, bars and restaurants into an RV-friendly city.

Economic Development councillor Stefano de Pieri said the Sunraysia region was already well-placed to capitalise on the rapidly growing sector.

"There is already a broad range of RV, caravan and camping facilities across our municipality," he explained.

"Combined with our location between three states, our natural tourist attractions and strong hospitality industry, we're very well positioned to take the next step in terms of breaking into this lucrative market."

He believed the strategy would ensure the region capitalised on the potential.

"This will not only benefit industries directly involved, but the broader community through increased spending in our region," Cr de Pieri said.

The strategy aims to:

Encourage RV, caravan, and camping travellers to visit the municipality
Enhance visitor experience, increase visitor expenditure and prolong the length of stay
Respond and adapt to shifting demand patterns, change and industry trends.
*  C
ater for all users, including people with disabilities and those travelling with pets.
Meet and manage the changing needs of a diverse range of travellers
Develop a consistent approach across the municipality
Sustainably protect and manage valued assets (natural and cultural)
Support and enhance local businesses

Red Cliffs Golf Club president Kevin Leach said his club supported the strategy due to the benefits for both Red Cliffs and the broader community.

"This strategy will bring tourists to our whole region as it will provide another reason for visitors with these types of vehicles to stop rather than pass through, Mr Leach said.

"And its not just the grey nomads. There are now many younger families who are going travelling in RVs for six or 12 months who are really seeking out RV, caravan and parking facilities.

"I know from our travels personally and through visitors to our club, that there is a circuit of towns that RVs and similar vehicles take that passes very close to the Mildura area"

"This strategy will help us tap into that market and the regular return visitors, and from our club's perspective, we find that many visitors to Red Cliffs who are staying rather than passing through may stop for hit and a round before leaving.


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