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Remote music festival

Free safety advice for Mundi Mundi caravanners

Mundi Mundi Bash

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CARAVANNERS visiting the Mundi Mundi Bash in NSW will be offered free safety advice.

The event, held about 35km west of Broken Hill in the NSW Outback, is a remote music festival for campers and caravanners of all ages.

Transport for NSW will host the RV safety information stand at the three-day event from August 18.

Caravan owners will have the opportunity to learn about caravan weights, safe towing and safe load distribution while ensuring they have the right safety information to travel on NSW roads.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said as caravanning grew in popularity, so did the need to ensure caravans were operating safely.

"Simple things like adding a toolbox to the back of the 'van, popping a kayak on the roof or travelling with full water tanks can cause the caravan, tow vehicle or combination to become overweight or non-compliant and may increase the risk of a crash," the spokesperson said.

"We welcome the owners of registered caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, or any other type of recreational vehicle to come forward for chat with caravan and road safety practitioners."

More than 5.3 million caravans and other recreational vehicles were registered in Australia in 2019 and many thousands travel on NSW roads annually.

Figures show that between 2016-2020 there were 90 crashes involving caravans across western NSW and, sadly, three people lost their lives.

The Mundi Mundi caravan safety information stand is being delivered as part of the NSW government's Road Safety Plan 2021.

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