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Nambour showThe latest in RVs will be on show

Over 80 exhibitors set to display
at Sunshine Coast expo

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THE Sunshine Coast’s caravan, camping and outdoor event will roll into Queensland's Nambour Showgrounds for the second time following a Covid-19 hiatus as caravan sales in region double in 12 months.

THE Caravanning Queensland's three-day outdoor Expo will open on August 19 and will showcase the latest recreational vehicles, accessories and modifications on offer.

With the pandemic spiking popularity in the caravan and camping sector, Queensland continues to lead the charge nationally, with the highest number of registered recreational vehicles across the country (201,477).

This is followed by Victoria (185,507) and New South Wales (182,7641).

The Sunshine Coast has emerged as one of the top six destinations for caravan and camping visitors since the start of 2020, with caravan sales in the region also doubling over the last 12 months.

Accounting for 1.8 million overnight trips in 2021, visitors are spending more than $1.6 billion whilst travelling, which is a huge support to local economies, job creation and regional communities.

Caravan Trade and Industries Association of Queensland chief executive Jason Plant said the expo was the perfect place for new and seasoned ‘cara-fans’ to plan their next big road trip or weekend getaway, ditching the classroom for caravanning's "School of Life".

He said that more and more Aussies were packing up and hitting the road for extended periods of time.

"Even before Covid-19, we started to see a growing trend of families taking their kids out of school to home school them from the road so they could explore the country while gaining valuable life skills.

"And that trend shows no sign of slowing down as an increasing number of young families opt to ditch the traditional classroom for the caravan school of life."

Supporting this trend, Jon Dunkley from Sunseeker Caravans, said they had seen an increase in the number of family caravans sold over past three years, a trend which is continuing to grow.

"Over the past 18 months demand for family-style 'vans has grown from 20 to 35 percent of our sales, with families wanting top-of-the-line 'vans with more solar, battery and suspension.

"To accommodate this trend, we adapted our Desert Storm ATX 'van, which was previously only available for couples, and designed four family layouts to include bunk beds and enough living space to comfortably home school or work from anywhere," he said.

The expo will offer something for the entire family, showcasing the latest products and technology, educational seminars on caravan weights and towing, as well as daily demonstrations.

The show returns with more than 80 exhibitors, displaying the latest products and gadgets on offer alongside all things outdoors for those seeking a more adventurous lifestyle.

It will be jam-packed with demonstrations including Weight and Towing Masterclasses run by Tow-Ed, total towing setups and weight checks, sheep herding, campfire cooking, and a bounty of tourism information available to help aspiring travellers plan their ext caravan adventure without a hitch.

Gates will be open from 9am daily, closing at 5pm on Friday and Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.

There will be plenty of onsite parking.


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