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September 2017


Bringing greater confidence and certainty to manufacturers

Industry's peak body welcomes government moves to strengthen RV safety standards

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AUSTRALIA'S peak caravanning body has welcomed a government announcement that it will introduce a Road Vehicle Standards Bill into parliament before the end of this year.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia congratulated Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher and his Cabinet colleagues, including the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, on successfully working through complex measures with extensive consultation to ensure the Road Vehicle Standards Act could be legislated.

There will be better identification and a consistent approach to both locally manufactured and imported products.

Enforcement provisions surrounding what is already one of the toughest compliance standards globally within the industry will be improved.

It will also mean greater confidence and certainty for manufacturers and importers seeking to supply product into a highly competitive market.

"We are encouraged that Australian consumers will be better protected through the strengthening of the laws governing trailers in the Australian market and thank the coalition for its support for the caravanning industry more generally." Caravanning Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont (pictured above) said.

The association looked forward to continuing to work closely with the government through the legislative process and subsequent implementation phase of the new provisions.

The announcement came after a four-year review and consultative process of the 1989 Motor Vehicle Standards Act.

New measures will provide for better consumer outcomes and greater certainty within industry with more appropriate regulatory enforcement measures to be introduced.

"The Australian caravanning industry has an exceptional story to tell," Mr Lamont said.

"Caravanning and camping is a dynamic and growing industry, which provides positive impacts through regional dispersal, job creation and social connectivity."

The number of caravans and campervans on Australia’s roads has been steadily increasing over the last six years, with the highest production levels for more than 37 years.

Combined registrations of caravan and campervans peaked at a record high of 615,301, which included 554,344 caravans and 60,957 campervans, for the year ending January 2016. Seventy percent were manufactured in Australia.

Mr Lamont said this was built around consumer confidence in the product and having the highest safety standards.

The caravanning and camping industry was worth an estimated $19 billion to the Australian economy annually, he added.


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