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August 2016


Norval Park

Sign at Norval Park beach

'No respect for authority'

Defiant campers continue
to snub no-camping rules

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DEFIANT travellers continue to flout no-camping rules at an idyllic beach in Queensland.

Caravanners are still enjoying million-dollar views across the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean at Norval Park beach just north of Bundaberg despite signs clearly indicating they are trespassing and it is illegal to camp there.

One campervan was even pitched next to one of the signs, while other RVs were parked just a couple of hundred metres from Bundaberg Regional Council's official permit-only camping area, which is set back from the beach and lacks sea views.

A local property owner told Caravanning News travellers were trickling back to the dunes despite frequent raids by security officers accompanied by police.

Campers among the dunes at Norval Park"They seem to have no respect for authority and think they are entitled to camp where they like," he said.

"It really is time to get tough with these people. Maybe their caravans and campervans could be seized ... and only returned on payment of a large fee."

There was an outcry several years ago when the now defunct Burnett Shire Council suddenly banned camping in the dunes just weeks before the Christmas period, throwing the holiday plans of many families and travellers into chaos.

It spent nearly $40,000 installing huge rocks and fencing to block off the illegal camping sites, but within days protesters in 4WDs had demolished the fences and dragged the boulders away.

Earlier this year, Bundaberg Sugar ‒ which owns much of the foreshore land at Norval Park ‒ and the local council launched another clampdown on illegal campers after complaints of an assault, rowdy behaviour and vandalism.

Researchers gathering important data for the State Government's turtle conservation project claimed they were abused and attacked by drunken and drug-affected campers.

One suffered an injured shoulder in the assault which happened in the early hours during the prime turtle nesting season.

"They were just off their heads," he said.


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