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July 2017


Funding to help truckies and caravanners
to 'coexist' at rest areas and on the road

Partnership to address growing conflicts

Funding to help truckies and caravanners 'coexist'
on road and at rest areas

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AUSTRALIA's peak caravanning body has welcomed moves to get a better understanding between truckies and caravanners.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NVHR) has granted financial support for an education and awareness campaign to help truckies and travellers in recreational vehicles "coexist" on the road and at rest areas.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont said the initiative was one of 12 programs approved for a share of $3.9 million funding by the NHVR, supported by the Federal Government.

A partnership education program would address growing "conflicts" between RV users and heavy vehicle drivers, he said.

"The campaign will inform RV travellers about the appropriate use of rest stop sites and the risks associated with disruptive behaviour to help foster a safer environment for all road users and, specifically, to better enable heavy vehicle drivers to meet Fatigue Management Standards."

Mr Lamont commended Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester for his commitment to road safety and for understanding the need to increase safety initiatives for all road users.

Mr Chester said the 'Coexist' campaign would cover the importance of all drivers abiding by signage to ensure trucks could access designated rest stops to allow for breaks and fatigue management.

"The Federal Government is investing money in valuable road safety initiatives that have been called for by industry and are targeted to where they can make a real difference," he explained.

NHVR chief executive Sal Petroccitto welcomed the partnership with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

"We donít pretend to have all the answers, which is why we asked groups to harness their existing knowledge and deliver heavy vehicle safety outcomes," he said.

"We sought proposals for programs that can be delivered nationally to enhance safety across the heavy vehicle industry and therefore the safety of all road users."


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