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August 2016


Workers underpaid nearly $30,000

Caravan park warned by Ombudsman over low pay

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OPERATORS of caravan park in far north Queensland have been placed on notice after Fair Work inspectors found dozens of workers they supplied to local farms were being underpaid.

The park has received a formal Letter of Caution after investigations revealed it had underpaid 84 workers almost $30,000.

Many of the part-time workers were backpackers in Australia on 417 working holiday visas.

The Fair Work Ombudsman, who investigated after 10 workers contacted the agency requesting assistance, would not name the caravan park when contacted by Caravanning News.

A spokeswoman told us it had fully co-operated with Fair Work inspectors.

"It did all we asked," she said.

While the backpackers were being paid the correct minimum hourly rate of $17.29 for normal work, they were not receiving the $25.94 they should have received for overtime.

The underpayments occurred over 11 months last year, with the largest amount owing to an individual employee being $1140.

Fair Work inspectors also found the employer had breached the Fair Work Act by cashing out annual leave with each pay, impacting on the workers’ rights to be able to take leave.

The caravan park operators are now on notice that further contraventions of federal workplace laws could result in enforcement action, including legal proceedings.


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